International One Metre

October 3 and 4, 2020

Lake Parsippany Model Yacht Club #383

WHEN: October 3 and 4, 2020

WHERE: Lake Parsippany
892 or 125 Lakeshore Drive
Parsippany, NJ

Welcome to the 2020 International One Metre AMYA Region 2 Championship Regatta

You are cordially invited to participate in the

FORMAT: Fleet Racing utilizing HMS 2014 for scoring and fleet management

10/03/20 – Saturday
0800 Check-in, Event Measurement, Class & AMYA Certification Check
1015 Skipper’s Meeting
1020 Warning Signal
1030 Race
1200 Lunch Break – 30-minute limit
1700 No race starts after or at the PRO’s discretion

10/04/20 – Sunday
0920 Warning Signal
0930 Race
1200 Lunch Break -30-minute limit
1700 No race starts after or at the PRO’s discretion
1730 Awards Ceremony

Race Chairman: Michel Roure
Race Director: Skip Hall
Protest Committee: TBD
Measurement: TBD
Scoring & Timekeeping: TBD
Administration: TBD

RULES: The regatta will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2017-2020 (RRS) as changed by RRS Appendix E, the Championship Regulations of ISAF-IRSA, this Notice of Race (NOR), the Sailing Instructions (SI), the International One Metre Class, HMS 2014 and the Equipment Rules of Sailing. The Sailing instructions shall prevail in case of conflict with this Notice of Race.

ELIGIBILITY: The Competition is open to al IOM class boats. All entrants must be current members of AMYA or their National Authority and have a valid IOM measurement certificate.

REGISTRATION and EVENT MEASUREMENT: Boats with a valid measurement certificate shall be presented for registration on Saturday, October 3rd between 8:00 and 10:00 at the sailing site for event measurement. No boat shall be eligible for racing until it has been registered and measured for the event.

WEIGHT SPOT CHECKS: At the discretion of the Race Director, spot checks of sailing weights of randomly selected boats may be conducted during the event. In addition, the top 5 finishing boats in each of the racing days may be weighed.

SCORING and RACING SYSTEM: Scoring will be carried out in accordance with the HMS 2014. Promotion/Relegation
Four (4). The number of boats promoted and relegated may be adjusted by notice in the SI’s or at the discretion of the Race Director at the skippers meeting.

PRE-REGISTRATION and FEES: Please this is a must, in order to assure no Radio Channel conflict early on, this really help speeds things up on race days. Also allows us to have adequate amount of food and drinks. Entries are to be made using the office entry form below and forward to:

Michel Roure
3 Deauville Drive
Parsippany, NJ 07054


ENTRY FREE: is USD $60.00 per boat and includes lunch and beverages for the 2 days. Fees are payable by check to Michel Roure mailed to the above address.

ONLINE ENTRY: http://form.jotform.com/200103743724949

FREQUENCIES: Permitted frequency bands are FCC-approved surface bans. Transmitters on 75 MHz must be narrow band certified. Radio frequencies will be allocated on a “first come first served” basis. NO CONFLICTS will be allowed. Each competitor is required to have a minimum of three (3) additional frequencies available. 2.4 Ghz “Spektrum” radios are permitted and are exempt from rule E2.4 in the RRS.

AWARDS: Prizes will be awarded to the first 5 positions in the final results.

LIABILITY: All those entering or taking part in this regatta do so at their own risk and responsibility, ISAF-IRSA, IOM ICA, AMYA, USA NCA, Lake Parsippany Model Yacht Club, Regatta Staff and any other parties involved in the organization of this event disclaim any and all responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage, injury or inconvenience that might occur to persons and goods, both ashore and on the water as a consequence of entering or participating in the event covered by this Notice of Race.

At all times the responsibility for the safety of their boat and themselves including the decision to participate or continue shall rest with the competitors. By entering this event, it is deemed that you accept these conditions. Competitors are advised to ensure that they have adequate insurance that provides coverage for public liability and their possible injury in the Country and County of this event.

ENTRY DEADLINE: Entries must be received no later than 09/24/2020. Late entries may be accepted on site only at the discretion of the Race Chairman. Any late entry will be responsible for entering with an unassigned frequency. Late entry shall pay an additional $100.00 fee.

CONDUCT: Poor competitor behavior can reflect negatively on the sport, and all competitors are advised that their actions will be under scrutiny by race officials. In the event race officials witness any behavior which they deem to be a breach of good manners or sportsmanship, or which may bring the sport into disrepute, the Principal Race Officer assisted by race officials will protest the part(ies) in accordance with RRS 2 or 69.1

The PRO, all race officials and observers have been directed to record any incidents which will be dealt with to the full extent available to the Protest Committee. Penalties available to the Protest Committee include exclusion from the race in question or subsequent races, exclusion from the regatta, or other action within the committee’s jurisdiction.

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