Marbleheaders of Spring Lake

About Us

Commodore: Bill Sysyn

Vice Commodore & Treasurer: Dom Bonanno


Founded on October 26,1992

The Marbleheaders of Spring Lake began with 13 members dedicated to the fun of building, and racing  vintage and modern class model yachts. Racing vintage 50/800, 36/600, EC-12s, Soling 1M, Lasers and DF-95s. The club concentrates on competition and racing for fun with a strong emphasis on the preservation of the rich history, that belongs to this sport, and is indigenous to the shore area.

The club burgee is a white triangle bordered with red and blue triangle bearing a white star superimposed upon another triangle. The design was modified and adopted to honor the members of the Red Bank Model Yacht Club who brought this sport to fruition, and success, locally in the 1930’s.

All are welcome to join other visitors, towns people and us on Saturday and Sunday at the southeastern side of Spring Lake for fun and competition. On Tuesday, Thursday the Soling 1M competes. Informal sailing and racing is also held daily weather permitting. As the colorful fleet of yachts sail in the easterly breeze off the ocean, it is a joy to behold.

A special thank you to Spring Lake Mayor, Council and Chamber of Commerce for all of their support of our national sport.

What We Sail.    (see schedule for specific class sailing times) 

Vintage Marbleheads    50/800        Vintage     36/600       EC-12

Soling 1 Meter       DF-95    

Where We Sail